How To Delete Video From Youtube In 2021

Do you want to delete a video from youtube? In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to delete a video from youtube, and by following these steps, you can permanently delete a youtube video on any device. So let’s get started.

What Is A Youtube

Youtube is an online streaming application where people share and publish their videos for enjoying funny moments with others and if you also have your own content your can make your own youtube channel you can publish your videos there and build your own brand.

Deleting a video from youtube is not hard as we think but if you know how to do this you can easily delete videos from youtube without any problem.

Why People Delete Video From Youtube

Sometimes people think that video is not relevant or add value to their audience that is why they want to delete a video from youtube or there can be any reason for deleting any video from youtube so this is how you can delete any video from youtube or you can even delete a video in device.

Here are the following methods to delete a video from youtube,

Login Your Youtube Channel

For deleting any video, just log in to your youtube channel from where you want to delete your published video.

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Click On Channel Studio

Now, you need to click on your channel studio from where you can easily delete a video from youtube. After that, you will see all channel options on your desktop screen.

Click On Content Option

Now, click on your content option from where you will see all your published videos and you can delete your video from here without going to any other option.

Select Your Video

Select your video that you want to delete from your channel and click on the right corner of your video setting and hit the button you will see some options for your video.

how to delete video from youtube

As you can see in this image you will see the “Delete Forever” option to delete your video, you just need to click on that option and you can delete your youtube video from this option.

But if you want to delete your video on mobile you can also do that you need to follow different steps which are described here.

How To Delete Youtube Video On Phone

If you want to delete youtube video on your phone you can also do it by following the mentioned steps you can easily delete your published video.

Go To Your Channel Setting

Deleting the video, click on your channel setting to access all your channel settings and delete youtube videos.

Click On Customize Channel

Now, click on customize channel and you will see all youtube setting options but you just need to have your published video that you want to delete and click on your “Published videos”.

Select Your Video

Select your published video that you want to delete forever and ensure that you cannot recover your video once it deleted from your channel.

After selecting your video click on the three dots option and you will see an option for deleting that video, click on the video button and apply it.

Your video is successfully deleted from your channel and you cannot recover it if you want to have it again in your channel.

FaQ On How to delete youtube video

Q1: Can I Remove Anyone Video From My Device?

Ans: You cannot remove anyone’s video from your device you must have login access for doing this otherwise it is impossible to delete someone else video. However, still you can report that video to youtube if youtube finds their policy violence in that video then it will be deleted.

Q2: Does Youtube Automatically Delete Old Videos?

Ans: No, youtube never deletes videos from youtube whatever the age of your uploaded video they might delete your videos if you violence their policies.

Q3: Can I Recover My Deleted Video?

Ans: No, you cannot recover your deleted video from youtube that is why before deleting your video make sure that you really don’t need it.

Final Words

By following the above steps you can delete your video from youtube and if you have not computer to delete a video, you can also delete it in your phone.

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