How To Book Railway Ticket Online (Easy Process)

Do you want to book a railway ticket online without going to any shop? Don’t worry in this guide we will tell you to step by step to book a train ticket online.

Many people do not know to book a train online in India and for them, we are going to provide complete detail on how you can book a train ticket at home without paying any extra fee.

What Is E-train Booking Online

The meaning of re-train booking online is straightforward. It means you can book trains online without going to any shop. Hence, it is a useful option that the railway department has built for their customers so if you also want to book your train online, stay with us we will provide step by step to book any train ticket online from the irctc official website.

How To Book Trains Online In India

  • Open irctc official website
  • Select your train and route
  • Choose seats and date of travel.
  • Pay through debit/credit card

These are the steps to book any train online in India and these are the easy step that you follow to book your train apart from that if you have not to account on the irctc website, you need to create it if you want to book train online so let’s go through them all steps to create an account on irctc website..

Open Irctc Official Website

First of all, you need to open an official website from where you can book your railway ticket online and for that, you need to open your account.

Irctc is a ticking system that any customer who wants to book a railway ticket can easily book and confirm their ticket online so let’s start to learn about these steps.

Register As A Customer

Now you need to open your irctc account and click on the four dots at the top of the website corner and click on the login button.

After that, you need to register as a customer account and click on the register account button let’s see in this image.

book railway tickets online

As you are seeing in this image, click on the register button, and you will see the next tab where you need to mention your personal details.

Enter Basic Details

After that, you need to enter your personal detail for opening your irctc account; let’s see in this image,

As you see in this section, you have to provide your real and basic personal information required to open your account.

User Name: In this section, you can add your username for login detail; this is must be unique and easy to read.

Password: Enter your password in this option, but you need to add a unique and hard password for that because it should be securable and easy to remember for you.

These both information details are super secure for your account and you should never share your login detail with anyone.

Preferred Language: In this option, you can choose your preferred language as per your requirement in which you are comfortable using your account.

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Security Question: This section is also important for recover your account information if you forget your id or pass that is why you need to mention a security question.

Security Answer: After selecting your security question you can add your answer in this tab and click on the continue button.

Enter Personal Details

After entering your basic information you will see the next tab in which you have to enter your personal information. Let’s see in image,

Mention your full name that should be matched with your Aadharcard name; this part will conform to your personal identity from your aadhar card.

Date Of Birth: Add your real date of birth and your dob should be matched with your current aadharcard that is required.

Fill out all personal information and don’t leave any section empty if you want to keep secure your account for the future.

After filling in all the information, click on the continue button and now mention your address, which is also an important step for opening an account.

Confirm Address

In this section, you need to add your real address for opening an irctc account but do not try to add your fake address which is not linked with your Aadhar card.

Click on the register button and you will get a confirmation mail at your provided email address and get SMS on your given mobile number.

Benefits Of Creating Irctc Account

  1. You can easily book railway tickets online and you will get some benefits of cashback if you book a train from irctc official website.
  2. The website interface is straightforward to use which means you can easily use the irctc website free of cost and there is no need to add your ATM card you can directly pay your ticket fee online.

These are the benefits of creating an account on the irctc website and you will get daily updates related to trains and you can also keep in touch with irctc customer care.

FaQ On Irctc account and railway e-ticketing service 

Q1: Can I Make an Account On the Irctc website under 18 age?

Ans: No, you cannot create an account on irctc website if your age is less than 18 years but you can create an account in your family name.

Q2: Is booking an online train ticket worthy?

Ans: Yes, booking an online train ticket is totally worth it because you can win many cashback offers or get full cashback if you are lucky.

Q3: Should I need to mention my aadhaar card for the irctc account?

Ans: Yes, you have to add your aadhaar card for identity verification purposes and security, so you might need to add an aadhar card.

Final Words

By following the above steps, you can book your railway tickets online but for that, you need to open your irctc account and we have mentioned all steps to create an irctc account step by step.

If you have any questions you can ask us via the comment section.

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