Easy Way To Create A Business Page On Facebook

Do you want to create a page on Facebook? Do you have a business and want to build your page on Facebook but do not know how to make it? Then, you are in the right place in this guide; we will give you a complete and brief guide to make a Facebook page and the benefits of making your business page.

What Is A Facebook?

Facebook is an online social media platform where people talk with their family, friends who live far away from them apart from that Facebook is bets for business approach and build an online presence for business people, so this is the best platform for promoting business online and talking with your friends.

But why you need to build a Facebook page? And what are the main points and benefits of creating a page on Facebook?

Advantages Of creating a page on Facebook

  1. If you are businessmen and want to reach more people, you need to have a business page to list your products and information about them.
  2. The biggest advantage of your Facebook page is you can reach your customers worldwide, and you can put your products in front of globally.
  3. Facebook page is your best approach system with it you can make sale make payments and also keep in touch with your customers.
  4. Facebook page is built for business people, but you can build your own page or fan page for daily fun on your page as a community.

These are some advantages of creating a Facebook page on Facebook but not limited, apart from that if you can create a Facebook for your family members and make it private for personal use.

Now let me tell you the simple, easy ways to create a Facebook page and some setting you should do if you have just created a Facebook page.

Open Facebook And Go To Page Section

First of you need to log in your Facebook account and enter your login detail after that if you are using a computer then find a page section and click on it otherwise, go to your profile page and click on page section and you will see the page section information.

process to create a facebook page

In this image, you will see the page section and then click on your the “Create New Page” and hit the button.

Now let’s see the next step what to do?

Add Your Page Info

Now, you need to add information about your page what your page name is and what is the description of your page and choose your page image. Let’s see in the image below,

how to create a facebook page

Page Name: As you can see in the corner you need to add a specific name of your page, or you can also mention your business name in the page section that is required to create a page.

Category: This is also an important part of your page. This category is relevant to your business. This setting will help your business reach the targeted audience while promoting.

Description: It is also the main part of your page, or you can say that it is your backbone of the page, which helps facebook engine understand your page about your page and help customers show the relevant information.

Add Image: Now as you see that you need to add your page image it is not required, but if you want to look your page more interesting and want to attract more people, you need to add page image in high quality.

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Now your Facebook is created and click to next option and mention other information that is also important for your Facebook page.

Add Important Page Info

After creating your Facebook page you need to add some information about the business page that is important to look genuine.

create a page on facebook

Add you can see in this image you must add some information about your page just click on your edit button and add some info.

Enter Website: Add your website or official website and this is an important step for you to build your business page on Facebook.

Enter Phone Number: Now, add your business mobile number or your customer care mobile number but there is no need to add your personal number.

Enter Email Address: mention your email address to look more professional of your page.

Enter Business Hours: If your business is offline, add business hours to your office in this section.

This is your page’s basic setting, but if you want to in-depth information about your Facebook page then stay with us, we guide you to full facebook page information guide.

Some Advanced Level Page Settings

The advanced level setting helps you reach more people by organically and you can also keep your page spam free of spammy comment or those words that violence the Facebook policy.

Click On Setting Button

For setting your advanced page info you need to click on your page setting and you will some options that you can use as per your requirements. Let’s see in this image,

create a page on fb

In this image, you can see some option but not all are important but some most important if you want to reach more people organically want to know how?

Click on the news feed audience and visibility for posts option and make it switch on if you want to get more audience by reading your daily post, new feed.

You can also restrict your page that which age people can visit your page or which not apart from that you can also upload the list of those words that are wrong and spread wrong information in people.

Other Settings For Facebook Page

Template Setting: In this setting, you can design your Facebook page, add buttons as per your requirements, and add/edit page themes.

Advanced Message Setting: In this setting, you can add a custom message that when anyone sends a query or message to your page you can make it automate by using this section. Your message will automatically send to your customer if they try to contact you.

Final Words

These are steps to create a page on Facebook. We have also added some advanced setting of a Facebook page apart from that if you have any question or confusion about creating a Facebook page, you can comment below we will reply to your message.

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